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Kireka, a part of town off any map of Uganda’s capital, Kampala.

“Kampala is like Rome. Built on seven hills”, said Rose, the director of the local meeting point, during a conference call meeting. “Only here the wealthy live on the top, the poor in the lower grounds, close to the malaria plagued papyrus swamps. Kireka is in one of these valleys. The necklaces are made there. Just come, most important of all is friendship” she had concluded.

Necklaces. They had built a school with them.


Mothers rolling paper into beads and selling them in Italy. They had been driven away from Acholi-land, their homeland in the north, by an absurd crowd of fighters who called themselves ‘The lord’s revolutionary Army”(LRA). An army fighting against no one in particular, in the name of some Lord and a revolution.

Rebels, as some have called them, mercenaries in fact, driven by lust for violence and money, enrolling children to help them enact the rule of pure irrational terror.

The mothers made beads, Rose took them to Milan and the Italians sold them, till they financed a building and a school from their children saved by the mercenaries.

Nothing but strong mothers.

The day hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans the women realised something should be done.

During the meeting under the roof covering the clean assembly point in Kireka they rolled out the plan to Rose, the head of the local organisation dealing with health issues:“Auntie, let us go to the quarry and break the stones into sand for money, and that money we shall send to the brothers and sisters in pain today”

The mothers of Kireka, helping the rising superpower far away across the ocean.

(more about this here)

“Of course you must understand, there is no real production facility, but just go and see what can be done” said a coordinator from Milan.”I’ll come and show you around”

“Yeah! lets go!” says the man from Texas

“All right, I suppose we can go and take a look”


Photos courtesy of Mark Eden Schooley

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