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The long journey of the ant to the CENTQUATRE (Paris 19e)


Starring Milingone chair
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Denial and chairs


Denial: the word is unheard of in the Balkans.

If you happen to mention it, the listener goes dumb “Eh?”

It’s not easy to deal with ancient practices. They are rooted in the minds of both simple and sophisticated people. In some intellectual circles they are defined as being part of a greater scheme often tagged as “culture”.

Those who practice denial regularly, following ancient habits, rarely know they are acting though cultural schemes. In fact they have know idea what this is all about.

Nor do we as a matter of fact.

When Edmond appears, he is wearing a Greek expression. Or at least, an expression on masks used in the theatres of Ancient Greek.

Edmond stands contemplating a large pile of car bonnets in his yard, hoping someone will start the talking about the Blue Alfa Romeo he had to dismantle to make a chair. Edmond has his nostalgic moments.



His face has been around the Balkans for thousands of years. No one knows exactly what the expression stands for, but it generally draws respect.

Of course Edmond would deny that his face has anything to do with Greece, and with him a long list of ancestors. And ancestors are important in the Balkans.

Denying the very existence of a nation, as it is for example in Macedonia’s case, is a fact only some bureaucrats in Brussels could come up to terms with, renaming a territory so not to offend the ashes of Alexander the great and it’s legacy, and, at the same time, satisfying Greek national pride .

While Greece denies the very existence of Macedonia, Macedonians deny the existence of the ethnic Albanians living on it’s territory. And they, in turn, deny the very notion that there is a problem at all. After all, they argue, Macedonia is part of Albania, as much of Montenegro and Greece. According to a number of respected experts in classical literature, even the Roman Empire was fundamentally Albanian.

“Why  do you say I am late? I am here, and there are your chairs”

“Some of my customers have been waiting six months…”

“You people keep talking of the past. It has been raining, you know perfectly well how things work here, now the sun is shining and the chairs are there”

Logic. Strict logic, with a touch of Balkan wisdom.

We have the chairs. There is no denying that.

And meanwhile, a large number of those chairs has left Paris for Abc New York.

Po Paris



Summer time,

time for blue sky,

time for blue water.

Everything is blue around here!ImpressionRapideAzzurro1

Pick your favourite ones and please refer to the following contact sheet for reference numbers.ImpressionRapideAzzurroCont


Onda rossa!


No more red Ferraris left in the balkans.

Fresh out of the workshop,  make your pick.

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Po ! arrives in Saint Etienne, France

Going to Saint Etienne : the perendim double seater.
Made out of car body part, with upholestared seat in italian black leather.
Hand made in Albania.
Store address : J’ai 2 amours, 12 Rue Sainte-Catherine, 42000 Saint-Étienne, France

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Univers de la maison, belles demoiselles November 2013

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Abc New York

The flag is up, it’s Po! Paris in New York, 888 Broadway

Thank you Aylin!


A car is not just a car


A car is not just a car.

A car is what you are, even if you don’t have one.

Albania is of course a modern country where both male and female drive cars.

Nevertheless, the car is considered a male feature. Every man carries a car in in his heart.

It is common knowledge that Albanian men talk a lot about cars. They believe that when girls do so it’s more about their man’s car. Somehow it’s not the same thing.

Claudio also has his opinion on the matter. He is a quiet young man, son of one of the brothers up north. They actually make the chairs for Po! Paris out of car body parts.

That’s where opinion on cars matters.

A car is not just a car.

You have a Fiat? It must be your aunt’s car. No sprint in a Fiat, whatever the model. Surely no one can actually choose to possess a Fiat. It’s an accident. Not a choice.

You can respect the Ford boy because he got it for free from a “friend” or repaired that Fiesta model “abandoned” in a field.

You have an Alfa Romeo? We can talk, but if you have a Mercedes Benz, just go and join the old men playing cards.

Gjon has a Mercedes Benz and thinks highly of it. You can drive for long journeys, he says, you can always repair it and it is fuel efficient.

Nothing wrong with that, it’s all true- argues Claudio- but it just speaks about you. Perhaps you are even married or if you aren’t it just means that’s all you expect from life.

Endri, our legendary chauffeur of the early days, is a proud member of the BMW crowd.

These people rule on the tarmac like chevaliers on the land of times long gone. They have ethics, values.

They can have different styles, fast drivers, slow smooth pilots, with or without the sound track, but what they have in common is that they drive. They are not moving from one place to another, they are driving there.

Not the same thing.

The Benz crowd needs to go somewhere, because they have been told to, and they take the car. There is this theory in certain circles in the Balkans, that they are oppressed people. If you seem them smiling in their car it’s because they are glad to be carrying a piece of home with them. They need reassurance. Custom made tapestry, something hanging from the mirror and a nice cover for the steering wheel. They try and make life better seeking comfort.

The BMW crowd believe. They are leading their own dream and the horizon is their only limit. Give them a track and they will lead you to the future.

No. we don’t use Benz for your chairs- says Arben, one of the workers in the brother’s warehouse – Your chairs deserve more.

As he speaks he adjusts the BMW symbol on the back of a Milingone chair. “Bukur” -Swell- he says.

His heart was throbbing with pain when he saw her lying there helpless in a scrap yard not far from Velipoje. This chair will be his tribute to her. It was a great piece of mechanics, a “bordeaux” 1994 Series 5 model E34.

Claudio doesn’t have a car, but one day he knows which one he will be driving. In the mean time he will ask the brothers to have this chair for his future home.


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