Albania has a talent for creating myth. Engaging in a conversation with one of the locals in a cafe might get you to know things you never imagined. It can leave you feeling you have been revealed something of crucial importance but don’t quite know how this will affect your life.

bike One day a man with one arm driving a bicycle stopped by as we were making photos of a new chair. He must of felt I was worthy of the truth. So that morning I learnt through that Rome had been founded by Albanians. Of course there was nothing to add as he was simply relating obvious facts that some accident in history had hidden from the ignorant crowds.  I was informed later that the man had been a professor during the dictatorship and happened to be an expert on Virgil.
On a different occasion a trustworthy informant asserted publicly the Prophet’s real name was Luke.
On both occasions I smiled and let them talk away. Later people with vast knowledge on life and the universe confirmed that the information was not completely false.
Truth has of course many facets. In the Balkans truth has some extra ones that can surprise the ordinary person. Some say this is just myth and not truth. In Albania the two concepts are so closely intertwined that no one cares to make the difference.

By now Po! Paris is close to achieving the status of myth in Albania. Things are told about us you will hear one day from a stranger with an accent in a cafe in Kiev.

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Po! Paris