BO BEDRE Susanne Holte

We started playing around with danish design in 2008 and now the danes have spotted Po! at last. We needed Susanne Holte’s genius to breake the barrier



Evening was approaching and everything was perfect. The last reflections of the blue sky light disappeared between the giant heroes of the revolution stuck in the mosaic on the facade of the Museo Kombëtar in Tirane. The Italian style aperitivo is tuned to perfection with the rationalistic archit ...



若きファトスは、簡単に落ち込んだりする奴ではなかった。彼は人を傷つけかねない内容を探すために、バシュキム氏のブロックを「借りた」。それは、彼が不当に苦しんだ罰に対する復讐への 第一歩だった。しかし、彼は未だかつて聞いたことのない、ある 絶え間ない一連の物語しか見つけることができなかった。自分 のベッド ...

bllok large and small


Le jeune Fatos n'était pas de ceux qui se découragent facilement. Il avait "emprunté" le bllok de maître Beshkim à la recherche de contenus compromettants. C'était un premier pas vers sa revanche contre le châtiment injuste qu’il avait subi. Mais il ne trouva rien de d’autre que des histoires, une ...

isac minibus


Isac© it could have something to do with the Old Testament. Here at Po-Paris the going gets hard at times, but we haven't been that far yet. is@c is about technology, and Albania is all about technology. When Italy started debating again about nuclear power, the Albanian prime minister offered to ...

maison et objet 9th to 13th of september 2011

We are there again! and we are going to show off our new collections created by our new guest designers. It'a happening at  Maison et objet, Parc des Expositions de Villepinte Hall 1 Stand D23. You will be able to fit you bran-new ipad in our specially designed isacs, made in jute from re-used co ...



“Nuk edi” was the answer. -I don't know. In a place where anybody knows everything about anything and everybody, this answer was disappointing. In the cafe in a village in central Albania, again. A circle of people much wider than the small table in the centre, commenting the information coming out ...