Mutuba Collection

Mutuba skin is the fruit of a perfect harmony between man and nature, a tradition dating as far back as the 15th century. Recently proclaimed masterpiece of immaterial human heritage by Unesco, it is the tradition of the Baganda tribe based in southern Uganda. The fiber is extracted from the bark ...


Denial and chairs

Denial: the word is unheard of in the Balkans. If you happen to mention it, the listener goes dumb “Eh?” It’s not easy to deal with ancient practices. They are rooted in the minds of both simple and sophisticated people. In some intellectual circles they are defined as being part of a greater sc ...



Summer time, time for blue sky, time for blue water. Everything is blue around here! Pick your favourite ones and please refer to the following contact sheet for reference numbers.


Onda rossa!

No more red Ferraris left in the balkans. Fresh out of the workshop,  make your pick. Refer to contact sheet below


New arrival !

We just received a stock of seria shtat and milingone (3 legs) chairs. Both handmade in Albania, with car body parts (seat) and steel reinforcement bar (leg). Each chair is unique. Amazing colors... Enquire within to know availabilities : (approximative retail price : 250€) ...