Mutuba cushion covers. Available soon at Abc New York888, BroadwayNY 10003 NEW YORKUsa+1 212 473 3000www.abc.com 


From tree to planter

  At first a tree. Then Vincent strips the bark from a Mutuba tree in the countryside nearby Masaka, off Lake Victoria in Uganda and pounds it with his father using a wooden mallet, under a banana leaf shack. The children watch them as they work on the bark for hours, chatting ...



Steel barrel armchairs. The Egg seen by an albanian smith using a barrel found in his backyard. That was in the first days. Now one of our best welders in Tirana makes them. Painted in white for the coming season. Coltorti C.so Umberto I, 162012 CIVITANOVA MARCHEItaly+39 0733 8139 ...

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Worthy of a National Museum

"Meet one my editors" she said with one of her special smiles as I stood in the hall feeling somehow under scrutiny while a bunch of unpaired eyeballs followed the interaction from the gray wall.  Le Piscine, National Gallery of Modern Art of the city of Roubaix opened its doors to a retrospect ...

Mutuba line


Bark cloth is the result of a perfect harmony between mankind and nature. Harvesting and preparing bark cloth is a tradition of the Baganda tribe, an exceptional art passed on through generations for more than 600 years. Nowadays, only a few families still possess the knowledge that allows a ...


High up in the mountains

    Hand made felt lamps, from 65 to 75 euros, E27 socket, black wiring 120 cm and connectors included Available atPo! Paris,14, rue Labois Rouillon75019 PARIStel 01 4205 8008paris@po-paris.com Caravane Emporium22 rue Saint Nicolas75012 PARIStel 01 78 77 11 32 


Nathalie, as large as you like

Superbe work by our weavers in Albania. Natural gray background, flat woven, with Nathalie's flowers and butterflied hand knotted between the lines. Available very soon in new locations in France and elsewhere. And coloured ones are still popular!