tirana street style1

Rock & roll, a slice of cake, some coffee and a husband in jail

« Think global », is more a tantrum than a slogan. One can hardly have a coffee without being aware of the miles it has crossed to end up in a « latte » in Manhattan, as you notice the smile of Columbian peasant from the advertisement hanging in the background. Po ! Paris is contributing to the glob ...



An old fashioned English headmaster would say mankind can be divided in two separate types: those who believe in order, and those who believe in chaos, though it is not clear which one is contributing best to the survival of the human species. Astrit is certainly part of the second group. Silent, ...

capots de voiture

Car bodies in a chair

"Chairs you say?" The small man smiled looking over the shoulder of the visitor from Tirana, trying to have a closer look at the man with the suit case, obviously a foreigner. A rainy day in November on the road between the airport and Tirana. Not the day to hang around scrap yards for broken cars. ...


Po Paris in the Métro!

Been loking for us? We are in the Paris Métro.  Palais royal musée du Louvre M° station. This is getting serious. Open between 9 and 7pm, monday to saturday