Mutuba line


Bark cloth is the result of a perfect harmony between mankind and nature. Harvesting and preparing bark cloth is a tradition of the Baganda tribe, an exceptional art passed on through generations for more than 600 years. Nowadays, only a few families still possess the knowledge that allows a ...


Bright new days ahead

Cimi. An energetic man. His father was famous for his resistance to change, a hero defending a tradition so old no one thought it would even be past over to next generation. A superficial observer would have mistaken that "resistance" with a somewhat negative attitude towards life. None of that. ...

Po Paris Stand Maison et Objet Septembre 2014

We were there

Maison et Objet We were there again. You were there too. It was great. plenty of new retail addresses. Check our store location list as we gradually update it. Po paris  


Mutuba Collection

Mutuba skin is the fruit of a perfect harmony between man and nature, a tradition dating as far back as the 15th century. Recently proclaimed masterpiece of immaterial human heritage by Unesco, it is the tradition of the Baganda tribe based in southern Uganda. The fiber is extracted from the bark ...


New arrival !

We just received a stock of seria shtat and milingone (3 legs) chairs. Both handmade in Albania, with car body parts (seat) and steel reinforcement bar (leg). Each chair is unique. Amazing colors... Enquire within to know availabilities : (approximative retail price : 250€) ...