Paris Chic, Balkan madness

Icons, Albanian Style



Po! Paris’ creations are designed in Paris and mainly produced in the Balkans.


Each product is the fruit of a triangular partnership between Po!, a french company, a micro enterprise in the handicraft sector, and a local Ngo.


Po! uses ingredients available locally, new or old. Recycled materials are often used together with new ones.

They are combined to create a line of modern non ethnic interior design items.

Po! offers a wide range of products, each one made in small workshops in Albania when possible with the help of local Ngo’s engaged in empowerment of women and marginalised communities.


Po! First started searching for the ideal place to set up the project in 2007. The company was founded in January 2008.


The founders are John Felici and Matteo Morozzo.

A third person brings in its advise and helps a great deal: Ana Josepha d’Elbasan

John Felici is Italian on his fathers side and English on the mother’s. Graduated in Political Sciences and decided it was best to go on to something completely different.

He first founded a company in 1996 with 4 other partners in the interior design sector.

Having sold his shares in 2005, he started this completely different new project with a new partner.

Matteo Morozzo was in the film business producing films from new talents in Rome and across the world.

He liked the project and decided to join in. He now takes care of sales, strategy and also designs new products.

Ana Josepha d’Elbasan is possible one of the most complex genealogies one can imagine. She is from Albanian and Somalian descent, a rear combination. Her mother, the only black opera singer in the Albanian harsh dictatorship era, was married to an Albanian. But the link with Albania goes further down in the nineteenth century, when Albania became a modern monarchy. Ana Josepha lives in Paris but joined the project driven by the love for her country. Her ideas are a great contribution to the whole concept while her Albanian origins are a perfect entry in this small but complicated country.